2014 Gold Award – Industrial Paving

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3rd Infantry Division (3ID) Tank Trail & Tactical Equipment Maintenance
Fort Benning, Georgia

Contractor: McCarthy Improvement Company
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Engineer: Savannah Corps of Engineers

The Ft. Benning Tank Trail and Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility project required a great deal of coordination. McCarthy Improvement Company had to coordinate efforts with the owner, general contractor, and more than 20 different subcontractors and military base personnel. They had to schedule work around military equipment movements and numerous ongoing training operations during construction.

The three primary missions on this project were to open all areas as soon as possible; to minimize construction impact on the base’s operations; and to complete the project on or before deadline.

The project schedule was tight and included important key dates for opening and closing different areas of the base. The initial start date was delayed one week due to heavy deployment of military equipment. The paving was being performed in the middle of the Brigade Training Facility and had to be scheduled with the officer in command of the Brigade to avoid disrupting the training maneuvers.

The schedule of this work was limited to just a few days and had to be completed in phases to allow soldiers of the Brigade access to the facility. The new concrete tank trail was the main entrance for all of the other subcontractors and military workers who needed access to the maintenance facility. This area was paved in two days, and within a week, was open to traffic. The tank trail was paved in10 paving days, and the hardstand was completed in 24 paving days.

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