2015 Gold Award – Overlays Airports

1-HJAI 8L-26r

3-Runway 9-27 Rehab-SC

5b-Runway 9-27 Rehab-SC

2-Runway 9-27 Rehab-SC

Runway 9-27 Pavement Rehabilitation
Greenwood County Airport
Greenwood, South Carolina

Contractor: McCarthy Improvement Company
Owner: Greenwood County
Engineer: Michael Baker International

In late October, 2014, McCarthy Improvement received notice to proceed on the Runway 9-27 Pavement & Lighting Rehabilitation Project at the Greenwood County Airport in Greenwood, South Carolina. The scope of work included 55,600 SY of 3-in asphalt milling followed by a 5-in thick concrete overlay.

All work had to be completed in 60 calendar days. Adding further complexity to this challenging project, Greenwood County Airport does not have air traffic control. Instead, amateur pilots call out on a radio to announce which runway on which they will land. Some pilots would announce they were landing on the runway that was under construction, and crews would have to notify them via radio that was not possible.

Another factor was the weather. Temperature averages in Greenwood for November range between 60 to 70°F; however, on November 1st, an inch of snow fell. Although the weather created many issues, the project was completed successfully

5c-Runway 9-27 Rehab-SC