ACPA Pavement Design Software

ACPA offers concrete pavement design software for many applications which is available on their website.

For additional information on purchasing, or to download a free trial, follow the links on the graphics below . . .

IMG_Winpas3     IMG_StreetPave3

WinPas 12, which is based on the commonly-used AASHTO 1993 pavement design guide, has been updated to make it compatible with current Windows-based operating systems, has a new GUI (or graphical user interface), and includes updated help screens which make the software easier to use than ever before.

StreetPave 12 is the latest in jointed plain concrete pavement thickness design. Newly added with this version is jointed plain concrete overlay designs for all six types (bonded on ashpalt, unbonded on asphalt, bonded on concrete, unbonded on concrete, bonded on composite, unbonded on compsosite).  This software utilizes new engineering analyses to produce optimized designs for city, municipal, county, and state roadways.    For existing concrete pavements and overlays, StreetPave 12 may be used to estimate service life and/or failure criteria.

IMG_AirPave3    IMG_PerviousPave3

AirPave 11 includes a number of significant updates and improvements,  including the latest commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft types  and landing gear configurations.  With this  new version you will be able to analyze an entire fleet of aircraft or  specialty vehicles in a single design run, to determine stress ratio and  minimum required thickness.

PerviousPave is design software that provides results optimized for both structural and stormwater-management requirements by determining: