Concrete Overlays


Concrete overlays offer cost-effective, versatile, short- and long-term solutions for the full range of concrete, asphalt, and composite pavement needs. In addition, they contribute to more sustainable construction practices by preserving pavement service for several decades beyond the original design life.

The National CP Tech Center has developed a comprehensive guide to concrete overlays and a field application program to help state DOTs successfully construct concrete overlays. A guide for existing concrete overlay design methodology is under development.

Guide to Concrete Overlays – 3rd Edition

Cover of the Guide to Concrete Overlays

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Benefits of Concrete Overlays

Consistently provide cost-effective solutions
Can be constructed quickly and conveniently
Easy to maintain
An effective means to enhance pavement sustainability
Serve as complete preventive maintenance, preservation, or rehabilitation solutions


With the National Concrete Overlay Explorer, you can view more than 1,100 overlay projects across North America. You can search and view by map, tabular format or based on project details; sort by state, application, thickness and/or other details; view project notes, including new construction details and current conditions; see photos of construction and finished projects.